Suzanne Dean

Suzanne Dean

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When I retired in May, 2017, my dream was to continue combining music with wildlife conservation, to try to make a difference. Why should someone donate to my organization rather than directly to other non-profits? Because you’ll also be supporting those artists that are working in their own ways to help the cause. By sharing their music or making films, for example, we can project our message and try to get others actively involved. So, it’s not just about the donations, but doing something with our art which we hope will ultimately make a difference.



Mission Statement


 Artists for Wildlife Conservation -  Seeking to broaden awareness and take action to save vulnerable and endangered species.




Artists for Wildlife Conservation reaches out to all of those in the arts, as well as dedicated supporters we so depoend on, to take a more active role on our cause. Through art, we can create a strong community and  make our voices heard. During this time of chaos around the world, it is now more important than ever to help save our wildlife.  Our prime focus will be to hold fundraising events which feature  artists and representatives of various wildlife organizations. These groups are already finding innovative solutions, working to empower communities, protect lands, and preserve threatened wildlife. Nature is the ultimate expression of art, and as artists, we hope to channel our passion by supporting these essential organizations and inspire creative collaboration.

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